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Your IP address44.192.94.177 (Learn more at whatsmyip.org | Geo-locate me from iplocation.net)
DNS Hostnameec2-44-192-94-177.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Location classificationOff-campus
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  1. If your "Location classification" is Off-campus, then the IP address shown is the 'public IP address', assigned by your ISP:
    • This public IP address may change regularly, eventually over time, or possibly even never
    • This public IP address will be usually different to the internal 'private' IP address actually assigned to your device within the local network to which you are connected; the private IP address (usually starting with something like 192.168) is not exposed to the Internet - this is called "Network Address Translation" (NAT)
  2. If you are testing via one of the campus-based VPN service, the Location classification above will indicate which service, based on the virtual IP address the VPN service has allocated to your client
  3. Depending on the VPN service in use, it might be that only traffic destined for campus destinations will make use of the VPN tunnel; in this circumstance, non-campus websites will see your public IP address as being that assigned by your ISP. You can test what the general Internet thinks your IP address is here
  4. Only IPv4 is supported at this time